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IoT made easy: FreeRTOS + SharkSSL für Xtensa LX3 WiFi SoC: ESP8266

The ESP8266 is a low cost WiFi SoC built around a Tensilica Xtensa LX3 processor. The SharkSSL FreeRTOS/lwIP ESP8266 IDE provides an easy to use development environment for compiling SharkSSL IoT examples and for uploading these examples to an ESP8266. The IDE provides a complete development environment with no other tools required!

The SharkSSL IDE lets you fast track your understanding of the SSL/TLS protocol, Certificate Management, and secure IoT communication. The IDE includes several C source code example programs that you can either compile "as is" or modify to suit your requirements. After working with a few examples, you will be an expert in using SSL for secure communication on a SharkSSL/FreeRTOS/lwIP powered device.
Start your secure  IoT development today with this easy to use IDE