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RDM 14

Hochleistungs-Datenbank für embedded + IoT Systeme

Raima RDM V14 is a in-memory, hybrid or persistent database solution for embedded and IoT projects.

The release of RDM 14.0 continues to build on Raima’s success as a high-performance database management system. With the release, users will experience what so many people already know: “If it’s fast, it’s Raima.”

Raima has always been designed for speed and scalability, and RDM v. 14.0 follows that tradition. A new architecture optimized for in-memory and disk-based applications — plus a newly designed file format that optimizes storage space supporting 32 and 64-bit architecture in a big data environment — make RDM v. 14.0 the fastest Raima database ever. Its key features are portability, efficiency, architecture and performance.

Features of RDM 14.0

  • Portability — RDM 14.0’s database file format has undergone significant improvements, taking portability to a new level. The new format allows for direct copy/paste or movement from one device/platform onto another, regardless of byte order or architecture differences. This lets developers work on any development host they choose. They can then deploy the Raima Database Manager on a different target platform. See the different platforms we support:
  • Efficiency — RDM 14.0 is all about ease of use for the developer, which decreases project development time. C developers will benefit from a modernized and easy-to-use cursor-based interface. Raima has also extended its SQL support and added SQL PL-supporting stored procedures. Additional standard interfaces include ODBC (C, C++), ADO.NET (C#), and JDBC (Java) along with development environments of Microsoft Visual Studio, Apple XCode, Eclipse and Wind River Workbench, among others.
  • Architecture — RDM 14.0’s architecture has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver the highest performance and developer ease of use while simultaneously safeguarding data and maintaining full ACID compliance. If the database is kept in-memory, RDM 14.0 will use a completely unique internal format to take full advantage of the direct memory characteristics of random access, zero latency, etc. If the database is on disk, RDM 14.0 will instead use another uniquely designed and optimized format to take into consideration the latency involved with disk usage. The new architecture also uses a new file format design to hide hardware platform specifics such as byte ordering from the developer, freeing up the developer to focus on the application itself.
  • Performance — RDM 14.0 is Raima’s fastest database engine ever. It has been redesigned and optimized for both on-disk, in-memory and hybrid environments due to a new unique architecture for the database file format, along with new algorithmic optimizations. Raima is so confident in RDM 14.0 that performance examples in every download package demonstrate how much faster RDM benchmarks against Raima’s competitors. Version 14.0 was tested internally against competitors including MySQL and PostgreSQL; its performance was an order of magnitude better for in-memory, on disk or in hybrid database configurations. * See the test results here The test is a component of Raima RDM 14.0 downloadable packages, so application developers can experience the performance in their own environment.


Sie können sich eine Testversion der Raima RDM Software zu Evaluationszwecken direkt beim Hersteller laden.

Für technische wie auch kommerzielle Fragen stehen wir, als Ihr Ansprechpartner in D-A-CH, gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung.



Hersteller: Raima
Funktion: Datenbank
Prozessorarchitekturen: Prozessorunabhängig

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