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Crank Software @ CAR HMi concepts & systems 2014 Berlin

Crank Software @ Car HMi Concept Berlin 2014

Crank Software stellt auf der HMi 2014 in Berlin aus. Wenn Sie die Veranstaltung besuchen, lassen Sie sich die gelegenheit nicht entgehen sich aus erster Hand über die Storyboard Suite für automotive HMI Design & Entwicklung zu informieren.

Hier gelangen Sie zur Webseite  der Konferenz, lesen Sie hier mehr über die Konferenz:

After Last Year's Grand Success & Community Of +140 International Professionals, we.CONECT Brings Back Europe's Leading Car HMI Event in 2014
HMI Concepts for Autonomous Driving | Augmented Reality | Voice Control & Speech Recognition | Multimodal Interface Management

Human machine interfaces (HMIs) traditionally consist of multiple systems which allow drivers to interact with their vehicle. In today's automotive designs, the HMI displays any feedback from the vehicle to the driver.
This interaction begins the instant one unlocks the car door, continues while driving, and ends the moment the driver gets out and locks the car. It involves the optimal balance of the driver's sensory inputs to make the driving experience both safe and enjoyable. The automotive industry is going through a Human Machine Interface revolution that continues to change the way drivers and passengers interact with their cars.

In this regard, the Car HMi concepts & systems 2014 returns with 130+ board-level attendees from OEMs and major Automotive suppliers, engineering & software companies to discuss strategic approaches, new technologies and ideas in improving developments, concepts & systems in automotive HMI, how to manage HMI an increasing application infrastructure in the car and how to create the ultimate user experience design.