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Setting up a Low Cost SMQ IoT Broker

In the following tutorial we will show you how easy it is to build your own IoT cloud solution. The solution will be installed on a low end Virtual Private Server (VPS) that can serve thousands of devices. For scaling up to millions of devices, a more advanced solution is required, such as Amazon Elastic Cloud or Google Cloud.

The services we have selected in this tutorial will cost you a total of $8 a year, and it includes a VPS and a domain name. We will also explain how you can optionally install an SSL certificate for the SMQ IoT broker solution.

The SMQ IoT broker requires the Mako Server, and we will explain how to install the Mako Server as a background service on the Linux operating system running on the VPS. You should be able to follow this tutorial without prior Linux experience, but some command line experience is required -- that is, you must have an understanding of how to run commands using a terminal.

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