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Raima Database Manager V14.1 veröffentlicht

Raima Database Manager (RDM) Version 14.1 verfügbar

Raima is Very Excited to Announce Raima Database Manager Version 14.1, a New Powerful In-Memory High Performance Database Optimized for Internet Of Things Applications

This new release focuses on ease of use, portability, and speed. With Raima's new file format, you can develop once and deploy anywhere. Performance is increased by over 50-100% depending on the use case when compared to previous RDM releases. Raima has extended and improved SQL support, snapshots, and geospatial functionality.

By using RDM, developers are never locked out of using the language or interface with which they are most familiar. Raima has dedicated support for any language developers prefer.

Key Features:

  • Compact Data StorageAutomatic encoding and compression uses, on average, 25% less disk space.
  • EncryptionAES encryption from 128 bit to 256 bit meets market demand for cybersecurity support and gives Raima clients peace of mind.
  • Embedded/Real-time ApplicationFully supports real-time system performance. RDM has been designed to meet the zero-administration requirements of an embedded application.
  • Fast In-Memory PerformanceAn optimized in-memory implementation allows for faster transactions and results to support enterprises that need the utmost speed and performance. RDM Support pure in-memory storage for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. RDM can also be used in a hybrid, in-memory mode where data loss may not be acceptable.
  • Multi-Core ScalabilityMaintain performance by adding further resources as demands on the system increase. Possible through SMP and thread support, plus the capability of scaling on more than one server.
  • Multiple Indexing MethodsB-Tree, Hash, R-/R+ Tree and AVL indexes are fully supported by RDM and available for users.
  • Platform CompatibilityDevelop once, deploy anywhere. Through Raima´s new file format, you can mix and match operating systems and hardware.
  • SnapshotsSnapshot isolation allows concurrent reads to the database when write transactions are occurring. RDM takes a frozen image of the current state of the system and that information can be read from without stopping writes.
  • SQL Optimization SupportFully-featured and enhanced SQL support, including SQL PL, Stored Procedure and Triggers.