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Target CPUs


Signum veröffentlicht Chameleon 2.99.31 + ARM Flash Tool 1.16.0

Signum Systems hat die Version 2.99.31 ihres Debugger Chameleon für ARM, XScale und Cortex Prozessoren und Microcontroller vorgestellt. Des weiteren wurde auch eine neue Version des Flash Programmers vorgestellt.

Zu den Neuerungen zählen:

  • General
    • Improved call-stack handling.
    • Improved locals display.
    • Ability to pass a command to be executed by running Chameleon.
    • Added the Linux virtual Console and virtual Ethernet.
    • Loading of symbols from read-only file system (local cache).
    • Enabled hardware breakpoint removal in run. 
  • New devices added
    • Cortex-A9, Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M1. 
  • Cortex-A9/R4: Faster DCC connection
  • iMX51: Corrected the Freescale ROM table error.
  • OMAP3: Improved handling of the power saving modes.
  • Cortex-M3:
    • Improved stepping instructions that modify the PRIMASK register.
    • Corrected watchpoint on address match.
    • Enabled the CPU cycle counter in the Status window.
  • New target configurations
    • Freescale iMX25, iMX27, iMX35, iMX51
    • TI AM3517-SDK, DM365-EVM, OMAP3430, OMAPL137
    • AT572D940, AT91SAM3U
    • NXP LPC291x09, LPC29xx, LPC32x0
    • Actel ProASIC3 M1A3P-DEV-KIT
    • Samsung S3C2440, S3C6410, S5PC110
  • Flash programming
    • Added the NXP LPC29xx internal flash.
    • Added the Luminary Micro LM3Sxx internal flash.

Flasher for ARM:  v. 1.16.0 (July/2/2010)

    • Added the Texas Instruments DM365, Jacinto2.
    • Added the Texas Instruments OMAPL137/OMAPL138.
    • Added the Freescale iMX27/iMX51.
    • Added the Eureka controller.
    • Added the Samsung S3C2 series.
    • Added support for the Linux bad-block table.
    • Improved support--additional configurations.
    • Added the Atmel flash on the iMX51.
  • OnChip FLASH
    • Added the ST STM32.
    • Added the Toshiba TMPM3 series.
    • Added the Atmel SAM7S and SM3S series.
    • Added the Texas Instruments/LuminaryMicro LM3S series.
  • Added configurations for a number of new boards and devices.