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PragmaDev Studio V5.1 jetzt mit Freemium Lizenz

PragmaDev Studio 5.1 now free for small >Projects

New version

PragmaDev Studio V5.1 helps system engineers, specifiers, developers, and testers to work on complex communicating systems. It is the perfect tool to write requirements, specification, design, optimize distributed architecture, and test cases manually or automatically.

Try it now

PragmaDev Studio V5.1 introduces a Freemium model. The tool is free for small projects without any restrictions on the features. The free version is ideal for evaluation, teaching, and small projects. Download it now !

Be more agile

The automatic non regression testing new feature automatically re-executes the previous scenarios on the new version of the system. If any discrepancy is detected the difference between the expected scenario is graphically displayed. The new cumulated coverage is measured to make sure to reach 100%. After execution a non regression report is generated to further analyse the results.

Easy test edition

As TTCN-3 is a textual language, easy navigation within the declarations helps productivity. The new text editor can easily browse from a test case to a template definition and to the type on which the template is based.

100 new features

Latest PragmaDev Studio release introduces 100 new features. Check the most important ones here.