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Webinar Aufzeichnung "Architecting Storyboard applications"

Architecting Storyboard applications to maximize scalability, performance, and usability

See Crank Software's Vice President of R&D, Thomas Fletcher, as he dives into the topic of application architecture and explores the Storyboard communication model. 

Is your system architected to adapt to change? Can you respond to design churn without having to throw away or rewrite huge chunks of code? Can you alter how users interact with your application without having to overhaul the communication with the backend?
For an embedded system to stand the test of time, be scalable, and be resilient to design change, the answer to these questions has to be yes.
So, how do we build it?
In this webinar, we will dive into the topic of application architecture.

  • Learn how we built the Storyboard communication model to be scalable, adaptable, and optimized across platforms
  • See a live demo of a Storyboard application
  • Explore Storyboard features that help teams create embedded experiences that stand the test of time
  • Catch a sneak peek of future enhancements in Storyboard 5.2

Architecting Storyboard applications Webinar recording